Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blue Heaven

It has been a long journey, and we have grown nearly weak.  The fields guide us like a camino to our heaven.

We raise our arms in greeting to our creator; it greets us with a gentle smile and low bow.  A mountain in superiority that treats us equally, as one, as itself.

We all met along the way, creating our own paths until they merged into a river of hope.  No one truly understood; no one truly had a purpose.  Everything just came together; everything was serendipitous.

Warm sun fills the air, touching our bodies, sending us into a state of bliss amongst each other.  Embrace it; do not question.  Smiles ripple like water from a cast stone.  Our faces glow in the yellow-orange rays.

What purpose do we have here?  We join together, hands arms weaving together.  A quilt, an orgy of minds.  We are creation.  We are life.

Our maker shows us the way.  We follow like simple moths, but we are not lemmings.  Light is our path, showing us not doors but wide spaces to frolic and dance.  Happier we get as the light grows stronger.

We shall melt.  Eventually, we'll be one.  Now, we are many.  But we shall unite naturally as a product of our inspiration's love for us all.

It is a cruel world, but in this state, we need not be more than nothing or less than something.  We just are, and that is what we live in.